Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day...Whovian Style.

So...Valentine's Day. I'm guessing most of us nerds don't really list this holiday as our favourite. For multiple reasons. One may be because the person we want to be with hasn't shown up yet. I'm guessing, this statement is probably true for you all:

Maybe not all of us in the same way, but we all love him as a character. Myself included, of course.

Some of us have this problem:

I think this is really funny:

And I totally agree with this statement:

:D  I'm waiting....

Monday, 11 February 2013

Welcome, Introduction...etc.

    Sooo...I'm new to Doctor Who. I just started watching about a week and a half ago. Prior to this, I was already kind of obsessed, after seeing all the stuff about it on Facebook, and also since some of my friends are Whovians. So, yes, part of the "thank you" needs to go to my friends (...if you are reading this, THANK YOU! I hope you know who you are...).
    Once I got into it from the stuff I was hearing on Facebook and from my friends, I realised that I could not just sit here and accept the fact that I don't watch much TV, so I won't be able to watch Doctor Who. Nope, that is definitely NOT what I did. I went to watch it with a friend, since I don't have Netflix, either. And now, even though I have only seen two episodes, I am definitely hooked!
    Yes, only two episodes (sadly). Now, before you get any ideas that I am like those "Whovian fangirls" who skip certain seasons just so they can see certain actors and only watch those certain ones, I'm not. I started right from the beginning of Season 1 from 2005. So, yes, I am on the 9th Doctor.
     I don't know if this was a very good introduction, but I hope you decide to follow this blog and hear more of my story. Now, about the blog itself.
    I will be posting news and cool events that will interest all the fans of Doctor Who, and also posting cool pictures, videos, and humorous stuff (but don't worry, it will be all clean). As I watch each episode, I will review it here, too. Included in my review will be a summary, highlights, pictures, my thoughts, and maybe a recap video if I can find one.
    Now, concerning spoilers. I warn you now, if you have not seen all the episodes, please know that I will be talking freely about the ones that I have seen. And if you have seen all the episodes, please don't spoil anything for me-just talk about the ones that I have reviewed. Thank you, it will be greatly appreciated. :)

And lastly, I love to hear thoughts and feedback from other fans, so please comment. Anonymous comments are accepted, too, so you have no excuse for not giving your input. (And if I know you, please leave your special name when you comment so I know who you are-I hope my friends who I am addressing know what I mean ;) )