Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just Some Updates...

Well, the first, perhaps most important news, is DOCTOR WHO STARTS UP AGAIN TODAY!!!!

Now, for some more important dates:



April 23rd: SILENCE DAY
Who's going to be doing this? (I'll post this again to remind you all)
And a little poem I found on this page:
I would on a boat
I would with a goat
I would in a house
I would with a mouse
I would in the dark
... I would with a shark
I like my Doctor Who, you see
And I'll watch it too, wherever I'll be
And now, if anyone could try to help me...last time i watched Doctor Who was in February...last episode I saw was The Doctor Dances...and I'm *just a bit* freaked out (as in, I haven't slept well for almost two months) advice?? I know I can't stop watching Doctor Who...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Series 1, Episode 1: "Rose"

Rose is just a normal young woman living in England and working at a clothing department. But her ordinary life is turned completely upside-down when the mannequinns in the storage room come to life and try to attack her.
Then a man shows up and rescues Rose. He's the Doctor, though no one really knows what that means. After he saves Rose, the Doctor leaves and Rose contacts a man who might know more about this mysterious Doctor. After her boyfriend, Mickey, turns into a plastic mannequinn, the Doctor reappears and saves Rose yet again. The two escape in a Police Call Box, which is the Doctor's time machine-the TARDIS.
The Doctor explains that the living plastic mannequins are controlled by something bigger, and they set out to find it.
While trying to reason with the leader, the Doctor is attacked by the mannequinns. Meanwhile, all over London, the shop mannequinns are coming to life and attacking everyone. Rose knows that she has to do something, so she helps the Doctor defeat the living plastic. Then the Doctor gets in his TARDIS and offers to take Rose with him. At first she is hesitant, but then agrees.

So, there is a summary/outline of the very first episode of the new series of BBC's Doctor Who. (I know, it wasn't that great of a summary...sorry.) the review part.

First, we shall deal with scary stuff/violence. Mannequinns coming to life...okay, kinda weird, a bit creepy, too. And when the try to kill people (actually, I think they do...but I'm not completely sure on that one..), well, that kinda makes them definately scary. But it wasn't that bad. They were defeated. And Mickey was found again in human form, so everything worked out fine.

Language...I don't recall any.

Now...mature themes. Not too many. Rose and Mickey are together, and they kiss a the beginning. When the Doctor goes to Rose's appartment, her mother suggests that "something might happen" with a strange man in the house, but the Doctor firmly denies that it will. After the Doctor leaves for the first time, Rose goes to Mickey's to do research on who this Doctor person might be, and he says she just wants an excuse to get into his room. When Rose does find someone who might know about the Doctor, she goes to the man's house, and Mickey insists on coming in with her, but she tells him that she will be fine, the man is married with kids. ...Other than these small references, nothing happens. So, pretty clean, especially for a modern TV show.

That is my review...if you have any comments/questions/suggestions, please leave them below in the comment box. And the more comments, the better. I love comments, especially long ones, so don't be shy about yakking about how much you like Doctor Who! :)

Oh, and here's the recap: