Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just Some Updates...

Well, the first, perhaps most important news, is DOCTOR WHO STARTS UP AGAIN TODAY!!!!

Now, for some more important dates:



April 23rd: SILENCE DAY
Who's going to be doing this? (I'll post this again to remind you all)
And a little poem I found on this page:
I would on a boat
I would with a goat
I would in a house
I would with a mouse
I would in the dark
... I would with a shark
I like my Doctor Who, you see
And I'll watch it too, wherever I'll be
And now, if anyone could try to help me...last time i watched Doctor Who was in February...last episode I saw was The Doctor Dances...and I'm *just a bit* freaked out (as in, I haven't slept well for almost two months) advice?? I know I can't stop watching Doctor Who...


  1. Can't wait until tonight!!!! On Fish sticks and custard day I need to make some and try it.
    Well, The Doctor Dances is probably the scariest episode of the series, or at least until The Angels or Silence in the Library. Can't remember any other freighting ones until The Silence in season 6. So I recommend just try to continue watching the series.


    1. I didn't watch it..mainly 'cause I am only in season 1...
      And, yes, I do intend to keep watching...I just don't know what to do in the meantime... :P