Thursday, 11 April 2013


So...they are doing a vote for who is the greatest TV couple...and Rose and Ten are losing to some couple from Glee...

VOTE NOW for Rose and Ten!!! Don't let them lose!!!

(I mean seriously, is the majority of the world's population just dumb, or has no one else seen this???)

Vote here: -------->

Please, please, please...share this eveywhere so they win....


  1. In words of Luke Skywalker: "No. No! That's not true! That's impossible!"
    How could Doctor Who lose to some stupid thing from Glee!!!!!!! Sorry for ranting, I'm angry!!! :P I need to use the TARDIS to go back in time and fix this!


    1. I know...I'm really disappointed...obviously, it must have been rigged by Daleks or something...'cause the Doctor can't *really* lose...

  2. I'm sorry, but I was too late. Also, I ship Rose and the Doctor with all my heart, NinexRose is my OTP, but Amy and Rory should win. I mean, I ended up sobbing one night just thinking about how much they care for and love each other. The 2,000 year thing, the baby, the girl who waited. It takes my breath away.

    Also, what the heck? At least the article gave admirable credit to Nine. It isn't ALL TEN! Those misguided and very unfortunate people who skipped Nine can maybe be forgiven for leaving him out of RosexTheDoctor(however they will NOT be forgiven for skipping him unless they watch and enjoy every last SECOND of Christopher), but anyone who has seen season 1 can't deny that the Doctor started caring for Rose before he regenerated into my least favorite of the new Doctors, Ten.
    I'm sorry if I sound brash, but I can not stand it when Nine is overlooked. He get buried by all the Tennant fangirls and I am so sick of it. Nine does not get enough credit from the fandom. Ten is great, I have nothing against him and I think he was absolutely brilliant as the Doctor, but I like both Eleven and Nine more. I am anxiously awaiting the 50th, but I can help feeling sad that my favorite Doctor is not appearing. (He probably said he didn't want to do it because all the girls who think David is "attractive" or whatever won't give him the respect he deserves because they are too busy caring about the actor and not the quality of acting or story. I don't blame him. If I found out that after I left a show a large cult of fangirls of an actor started liking the show just because of the actor, and completely forgot about the fantastic legacy I had left for him to fill the shoes of, I would be hesitant to come back as well. Us Nine fans are so dismissed and serious that we're ignored by the fandom.
    Sorry for the rant, I'm very passionate about the Ninth Doctor. I feel it is necessary to defend my favorite Doctor, as so few fans seem to do so.
    You can't ship Rose and The Doctor without at least acknowledging Nine as a sturdy foundation of the Doctor's love for Rose. Masked, perhaps, under a cheeky grin or comment about dancing, but undeniably there. Don't see it? I'll write you an essay about why I have the unshakable assuredness that Nine loves Rose just as much as Ten.
    Thanks for reading all of this(If you did, I only intended this to be a short comment XD).

    1. Oh, yes, I know about Nine. He was fantastic and people who skip him are stupid. I am not sure if he is my completely #1 favourite incarnation, he DEFINITY deserves recognition. And I don't ship Ten/Rose, its THE DOCTOR/Rose. All of them....and Rose. The Doctor is the Doctor.
      And thank you for your comment, it is nice to see that some other people really appreciate Nine.